Our products — cashew nut kernels of different grades

What often is called cashew fruit or «cashew apples» — are actually overgrown juicy fruit pedicels. They are yellow or red, 5-11 cm in length, pear or rhomboid-oblong shaped. Underneath the skin there is a pulp, which is yellow fibrous, very juicy, slightly astringent and sourish at taste. Such formations are called «pseudo-fruit» by plant biologists.

The true cashew fruit develops at the very end of the pedicel, after «cashew apple». It is a nut, covered with double shell. The outer one — green and smooth, contains caustic phenol resin. The inner one is similar to thick shell, covered with honeycomb like cells, underneath which lies edible nut kernel. There are many stages before the raw nut becomes finished product.

There are many stages before the raw nut becomes finished product.

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Cashew nut processing plant is located in Fanipol, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus. The main finished products are  cashew nut kernels of different grades, in accordance with international standard (AFI standard) — W240, W320, W450, WS, LWP, SWP, BB, FE, also auxiliary product — cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).

Products Quality

We are proud that our products meet the highest quality standard AFI and are confirmed by International standard ISO 22000.
HACCP system is implemented in the production (Food safety system), also there is constant control by SGS Minsk.

Processing Technology

The applied technology of cashew nuts processing is the latest and accomplished for the moment, allowing to obtain excellent quality. The enterprise performs full cycle of processing, including drying, sorting and steam processing of the in-shell nut, shell and kernel separation on automatic cutting lines, kernels drying and moistening , peeling. Sorting of the finished products to grades depending on the color and shape is made on digital photo separators with maximum accuracy and productivity. Up to 300 tons of finished products are produced per month. The technological process is carried out in a production area of 6000 m2.
There are warehouses of 2000 m2 for the storage of raw material.

We offer cashew nut kernels of the following grades: